Why pick Trysail?

File 1064Location, Location, Location

Trysail is located in the beautiful seaside harbour of Falmouth on the stunning Cornish coast. Falmouth is a haven for the sailing community with its many marinas, docks and nautical outlets. It also has the world's third largest natural deep-water harbour allowing a huge variety of boats and ships access to the many amenities that Falmouth town has to offer and to explore this wonderful town that is steeped in nautical history.  

We take full advantage of the incredible locations that are on our doorstep by aiming to show our students as much of the stunning scenery as we can during our courses. The river Fal extends up to Truro becoming narrower and more scenic as you progress up it. The Helford river, another area of outstanding natural beauty, is reached by crossing Falmouth bay giving an excellent opportunity to appreciate the rugged and striking Cornish coastline. Other locations such as the Fowey and Newlyn or the stunning Isles of Scilly are also regulary visited.

Falmouth is also a great staging port for channel crossing and we schedule regular cruises to explore the Brittany coast and Channel Isles.



Andy Grant, Principal of the school, spent 15 years working as a chef in top end restaurants.  Therefore he values customer service above all else. He passes this enthusiasm for it onto his staff and instructors,making the whole team's priority the comfort and happiness of the clients.

Andy hand picks our staff, crew and instructors based on their knowledge, experience and amiability. Our friendly staff aim to make your whole experience with Trysail stress free.  From the first call to waving goodbye, we do our upmost to help our customers enjoy their sailing experience.


Honesty and Genuine Advice

We are not in it for the money!  You can rely 100% on Trysail to act in your best interest.  We take the time to talk with every customer prior to booking to assess any previous experience.  This avoids you booking on to wrong or unnecessary courses.  We prefer to make our business grow on recommendation and that means we strive to help EVERY customer get the most from their Trysail experience.


File 1069Food

We are always told in feedback that we should 'make more' on our website of the fantastic food aboard. So, here goes...

  ...There is NO reason for bad food aboard a yacht!!  Crew moral, health and energy levels are founded upon good grub.  We PRIDE ourselves on the food we provide,  homemade meals that are freshly made (not reheated) and easy to make. 
We can happily cater for any diet; gluten free, vegetarian, vegan and even ethical vegans!  

Current favourites include:
Whole Pot Roasted Chicken with Fennel and Cider
King Prawn Curry with dips, poppadums and naan bread
Handmade Trevenwith Farm Beefburgers, cajun roasted sweet potatoes, guacamole and salad
Smoked Mackerel, Leek and Parmesan Risotto
Trevenwith Farm Beef and Guinness Stew, root veg and mash
Moroccan Roasted Salmon Fillet, herb Cous Cous, preserved lemons and green olives

If this all sounds too 'highbrow' for you... don't panic!  We can easily cater for simpler tastes along side the style of food above.  Our booking form asks for your dietary requirments so just let us know... easy!



At Trysail, all our instructors are highly experienced and accreditied yachtsmen and women with many nautical miles under their belt. They are chosen for their knowledge and skills in sailing and teaching and above all, their amicablility and people skills.

All our instructors are incredibly motivated, love their job and never take for granted the incredible location that we are so lucky to be able to sail in every day. They are very friendly and sympathetic to the needs of each individual, allowing them to be flexible with their teaching methods and skills so everyone is included and progresses at a pace in which they feel comfortable.


File 1074Yachts

All our training and charter vessels are of the highest standard and are equiped with all the latest safety and navigational equipment.  At Trysail, we are true sailors and regard our boats for their sailing ability and build quality. Even so, our boats do a lot of work in a year and some 'wear and tear' issues are unavoidable.  Therefore we schedule and undertake routine maintenance aboard all our vessels to keep them in good working order.


We cater for all

Trysail understands that everyone who embarks on a course has different aspirations and that it is the instructors job to help them achieve the goals that they have set themselves. As every student is unique and has individual needs, our instructors are very flexible and sympathetic to the various learning styles and speeds and provide for all of them.  We can also cater for those with disabilities. As long as you are fairly mobile and have good balance, we should be able to get you on the water. It is also never to late to learn to sail.  We pace courses to suit all ages and understand each student has different stamina levels.

Whatever your disability or concerns, please call to discuss these with our friendly team.



Shiny New Trysail Van 2014
Jay and the crew - August 2014
Bass Point
Louise at anchor in the Helford
Louise berthed in Falmouth Yachthaven
Swan and Cygnets at the Yachthaven Falmouth
RYA Start Yachting Weekend with Ben Instructing
RYA Day Skipper/Comp Crew with Jay Instructing
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2018 Course Dates:


Both Theory and Practical Elements combined
 -Live aboard for 1o days-

21st Sept - 1st October

Other dates available on request..

RYA Start Yachting

All 2018 Weekends 

Dates available on request..

RYA Competent Crew 

10th June
8th July
29th July
5th Aug
19th Aug
9th Sept

2018 Every Sunday from 18th Feb
Other dates available on request..

Online - RYA Day Skipper Theroy

365 days per year!
£295 per course or £490 combined

(5% DISCOUNT when booked with ANY practical course)

RYA Day Skipper

10th June
8th July
29th July
5th Aug
19th Aug
9th Sept

2018 Every Sunday from 18th Feb
Other dates available on request..

Online RYA YM Shorebased Theory

5% DISCOUNT when booked with any practical course

RYA Coastal Skipper

15th June (7 days) - 2 places

Other dates available on request..

Yacht Master Prep / Exam

Available on Request

More dates and BESPOKE bookings can be added on request!
Just give us a call to discuss options on 01326 212320 or email info@trysail.net