RYA Radar Course - Shorebased course

File 598The aim of the course is to give an understanding of the use of radar in small boats as an aid to navigation and for collision avoidance. 

  • One Day          
  • Learn to use Radar
  • Radar Procedure
  • Professional Instructors
  • Relaxed Tuition
  • RYA certification
  • Course book included
  • £90 per person 

Topics Include:

  • Basic understanding of radar wave propagation
  • Abnormal propagation
  • Radar set components
  • Functions and controls
  • Correct setting up procedure
  • Target definition/discrimination        
  • Spot size, pulse length and beam width
  • Target characteristics, size, shape, material
  • False Echoes
  • Shadow sectors, shadow diagram
  • Radar Reflectors
  • Types of Radar display    
  • Azimuth stabilisation
  • Radar Plotting
  • Uses of radar
  • Positive identification of targets
  • Parallel indexing (if provided)
  • Accuracy in range and bearing
  • PPI distortion
  • Heading marker alignment
  • Checking accuracy of VRM, EBL
  • General safety precautions

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Shiny New Trysail Van 2014
Jay and the crew - August 2014
Bass Point
Louise at anchor in the Helford
Louise berthed in Falmouth Yachthaven
Swan and Cygnets at the Yachthaven Falmouth
RYA Start Yachting Weekend with Ben Instructing
RYA Day Skipper/Comp Crew with Jay Instructing
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2018 Course Dates:


Both Theory and Practical Elements combined
 -Live aboard for 1o days-

1st May - 11th May 2018
5th June - 15th June 2018
21st Sept - 1st October

Other dates available on request..

RYA Start Yachting

All 2018 Weekends 

Dates available on request..

RYA Competent Crew 

6th May
27th May
10th June
8th July
22nd July

2018 Every Sunday from 18th Feb
Other dates available on request..

Online - RYA Day Skipper Theroy

365 days per year!
£295 per course or £490 combined

(5% DISCOUNT when booked with ANY practical course)

RYA Day Skipper

6th May
27th May
10th June
8th July
​22nd July

2018 Every Sunday from 18th Feb
Other dates available on request..

Online RYA YM Shorebased Theory

5% DISCOUNT when booked with any practical course

RYA Coastal Skipper

25th May 2018 (7 days) - 2 places
15th June (7 days) - 4 places

Other dates available on request..

Yacht Master Prep / Exam

Available on Request

More dates and BESPOKE bookings can be added on request!
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