Yachtmaster 'Coastal' & 'Offshore' Preparation Exam

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  • 4 days expert Preparation
  • 1 Day MCA/RYA Examination
  • Great Food
  • Excellent pass rate
  • £625*

*examination fee NOT included


At Trysail, we offer preparation courses which prepare candidates for both 'Coastal' and 'Offshore', Department of Transport recognized RYA examinations.

Examination takes place at the end of the prep week by which time your experienced instructor has fully prepared you for the examination.

Falmouth, Cornwall is an ideal place to take your RYA Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore examination.  The deep/sheltered cruising waters of the Carrick Roads provide a perfect training and testing area.

The exam is taken by an independent, local RYA Examiner who will test you on boat handling, man over board procedures, passage planning, crew handling, blind pilotage and knowledge of lights and signals amongst other things.

These exams if sucessfully completed will unlock the door to bare-boat charter worldwide, provide an entrance into the yacht industry (if commerically endorsed) and gives the Skipper a wealth of experiance.

Yachtmaster Coastal  pre-exam requirements -  minimum 30 Days sea time including 2 days as Skipper, 800 miles (up to 50% may be non-tidal but only count half value) and 12 night hours. (For holders of the Coastal Skipper course Completion certificate the sea time is reduced to 20 days, 2 days as skipper, 400 miles and 12 night hours).  Candidates must be over the age of 17.

Yachtmaster Offshore pre-exam requirements -  minimum 50 days sea time including 5 days as Skipper, 2500 miles (up to 50% may be non-tidal but only count half value), 5 passages as over 60miles including 2 overnight and 2 as Skipper.  Candidates must be over the age of 18 .

Both candidates will also need:  a passport sized photo, VHF/DSC certificate and a recognized First Aid certificate and the the appropriate Exam Fee payable to the RYA

Call 01326 212320 today or email info@trysail.net for details.

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Shiny New Trysail Van 2014
Jay and the crew - August 2014
Bass Point
Louise at anchor in the Helford
Louise berthed in Falmouth Yachthaven
Swan and Cygnets at the Yachthaven Falmouth
RYA Start Yachting Weekend with Ben Instructing
RYA Day Skipper/Comp Crew with Jay Instructing
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2017/18 Course Dates:


Both Theory and Practical Elements combined
 -Live aboard for 1o days-

4th Feb - 14th Feb 2018
4th March - 14th March 2018
1st April - 11th April 2018

Other dates available on request..

RYA Start Yachting

All 2018 Weekends from 2nd Feburary

Other dates available on request..

RYA Competent Crew 

8th April - 3 places

2018 Every Sunday from 18th Feb
Other dates available on request..

Online - RYA DS & YM Theory

365 days per year!

£295 per course or £490 combined

(5% DISCOUNT when booked with ANY practical course)

RYA Day Skipper

8th April - 3 places

2018 Every Sunday from 18th Feb
Other dates available on request..

Online RYA YM Shorebased Theory

5% DISCOUNT when booked with any practical course

RYA Coastal Skipper

13th October (7 days) - FULL
30th March 2018 (7days)
25th May 2018 (7 days)


Other dates available on request..

Yacht Master Prep / Exam

Available on Request

More dates and BESPOKE bookings can be added on request!
Just give us a call to discuss options on 01326 212320 or email info@trysail.net