Helford River

File 1221A sleepy little place where once long ago, trading ships brought goods from far and wide to be sold in this small Cornish paradise.  Although hard to believe, it used to be an important port.  Trading products such as tobacco, lace, and French rum from the continent, while the duty was collected at the old custom house. During the Napoleonic Wars, pirates and free traders populated the reaches of the river.

Being one of the most unspoilt rivers in Cornwall, the magical oak woodland that surrounds it and shelters the deep valleys.

The Helford has a particularly mild climate, with some of the most stunning beaches around.    

There are many small quays on the river and its creeks that operate ferry links.  They provided a water taxi service to some of the most delightful tropical surroundings, including Trebah and Glendurgan Gardens.

Visitor moorings in the river owned by the Duchy of Cornwall.  If you don’t want to pay to enjoy the beauty, there are some very good, popular anchorages as well as some lesser known ones.

On the high tide it is great fun to explore further up the river, where the houses on the banks giveway to lush woodland with just the call of the wild fowl to be heard.   

Gweek which is situated at the head of the Helford was once a port where tin was mined and shipped.  The area prospered and some of the finest houses have been built around the Helford River.  When the Cornish mining industry collapsed, as there were more viable deposits available elsewhere, the Cornish emigrated in masses to mining areas in Australia, South America and elsewhere.

Beautiful villages such as Durgan, owned by the National Trust and the better known Helford Passage, with its famous, (and one of our favourites), the Ferryboat Inn.

The lovely old church of St Anthony-in-Meneage is situated on the bank of Gillan Creek, near the mouth of the River Helford. It was said to have been built by shipwrecked Normans, who landed here in a terrible storm.

Today the Helford is a haven for the rich and famous, many of the grand houses are owned by celebrities.  The charm of this area is breathtaking, and unique, when experienced from the water.

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Shiny New Trysail Van 2014
Jay and the crew - August 2014
Bass Point
Louise at anchor in the Helford
Louise berthed in Falmouth Yachthaven
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RYA Day Skipper/Comp Crew with Jay Instructing
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