The Channel Islands

File 666The Channel Islands

The Channel Islands are a unique and delightful cruising ground. A reputation for large tidal ranges, strong currents and rock strewn coastline, they are well documented in yachting guidebooks and on Admiralty charts.

Most boats departing from Falmouth or Plymouth will probably make for St Peter Port in Guernsey which is a distance of around 110 nautical miles.

The Channel Islands provide an ideal base for cruising. Most of the main ports are only a day’s sail apart, which makes it easy to Island hop.

File 646Guernsey

The islands environment will make you savour the scent of the clean sea and fresh air, this island is a perfect destination to relax, provision and make plans after your passage across the channel. St Peter Port has facilities including fuel, water & WiFi. There are also showers and supermarkets close by.

Guernsey’s beautiful coastline, which has sandy beaches and dunes, rock pools, coves and rustic harbours and offers great cruising to visiting yachtsman.

When you need to stretch your legs, the cliff walks are really something else, with the islands nature reserves, you will get to experience some of the islands migrating birds and the gorgeous countryside that blooms all year round.

File 650Jersey

An unspoilt landscape of British and French influences, Jersey is a breathtaking place with a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, a stunning coastline, fantastic scenery and countryside.

The island is located 100 miles south of British mainland, it’s the most southerly island of the British Isles, but is much closer to France lying just 14 miles from its coast.

Jersey is just 9 miles by 5 miles, and St Helier its main port offers visiting the yachtsman all the facilities you would expect. Approaching by boat you see the sheer beauty of the island and picturesque landscape of the unspoilt coastline.

While on the island you get to explore the lush valleys, and the well kept fields of the beautiful countryside. Jersey has one of the highest tidal ranges in the world, as the tide ebbs and flows in excess of 40feet, it makes the island grow and shrink twice a day.

The tidal streams are something else and are exhilarating to ride. But you need to make sure your calculations are correct as you don’t want to spend hours battling current or going backwards!

With breathtaking cliffs, exposed bays, beautiful sandy beaches and rocky coves that are great to explore. This is an island to blow you away, and make your sailing trip a memorable and enjoyable experience.

File 654Herm 

A visit to this Island is an essential part of any trip to the Channel Islands. A stay at Herm lets you enjoy this paradise and its unspoilt natural beauty and peacefulness.

The island has a sheltered half-tide harbour along with sandy beaches, beautiful cliff walks and crystal clear waters. This is a definite ‘Port of Call’ for any Channel Islands trip.

You can moor up around the island using ground chains and buoys by the sandy beaches or enter the inner harbour. With a sandy bottom it takes about 8 boats moored fore and aft.

With scenic deep water moorings around the island and anchorages at Belvoir Bay, the Rosaire Steps and Shell Beach. Herm is the ideal place to seek a quiet relaxing get away from the other marinas and pontoons of the larger ports.

File 658Sark

This island is the smallest of the four main islands, 6 miles east of Guernsey and 20 miles from France.

There are sheltered anchorages on both sides of the island, offering good shelter in the lee. The steep, dramatic cliffs are Sark’s main feature but the island is defiantly worth exploring.

Moorings are also available both sides of the island. The walk from the west side of the island to the pub is particularly dramatic and takes you up 299 steps and really builds a thirst.

The views back down to your mooring and across to Herm and Guernsey are truly stunning especially as the sun is setting.

File 662Alderney

The third largest of the Channel Islands, an unspoiled, relaxing island only one and a half miles wide and three and a half long.

The island enjoys a mild climate very similar to Guernsey and Jersey, it lies just 8 miles from France, but has still manages to avoid mainstream tourism.

The Island is remote, with a beautiful oasis, outstanding beaches, war time history and enchanting flora.

Alderney is surrounded by white sandy bays and clear seas. The beaches are ideal for windsurfers and surfers, and are a haven for yachtsmen. The beaches are clean, quiet and blissfully un-crowded.

Alderney is usually the last port of call for yachtsman leaving the Channel Islands. It’s a great place to relax and explore the old fortifications before leaving for home.

Be warned though, the fuel dock is tidal, and more importantly you need to order your ‘Duty Free’ 24hrs before you leave!!


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