'Intensive' Training Programs (fast -track)

File 1044Designed around each client, these training courses take the novice up to RYA/MCA DoT recognised Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore Examinations.

In recent years, some major players in the industry have squeezed these ‘fast-track’ courses into shorter and shorter periods. For many reasons they have often been criticized for being TOO fast!

At Trysail, we believe all Sail Training should be taught to the highest standard and fun. Our courses take more time to complete because we slow down the pace a little. Theory courses, for example, are run over 6 days rather than 5 (at no extra cost) and we schedule ‘rest & revision’ periods.

We find it is important to give students time to relax which makes for better learning and more fun!

Like all our courses, we tailor ‘Intensive’ training programs to suit each student. Depending on how much prior experience students have, they may join at any stage of the training process.

Below are the elements we offer or arrange with associate training centres locally: 

RYA Competent Crew Course
RYA Day Skipper Theory 
RYA Day Skipper Practical   
RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory 

RYA Coastal Skipper Practical    
RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory  
Yachtmaster Coastal or Offshore Prep
week with RYA/MCA exam 

RYA VHF/GMDSS Radio Operator's Licence
RYA Radar Course  
7 & 14 day Mileage Building Cruises
*RYA Sea Survival  
*RYA Diesel Engine Maintenance 
*RYA First Aid  *STCW95 Basic Training
*RYA Powerboats Levels 1 & 2
*arranged with associate training centres

The number of mileage courses needed for each qualification depends on how much experience each individual already has.  We aim to make sure students have as much experience and miles as practically/financially possible over the required 800 miles for Yachtmaster 'Coastal' and 2500 miles for Yachtmaster 'Offshore'. We schedule either 1 or 2 weeks Bareboat Charter into each program and also send ALL out students out on deliveries worldwide with our trusted Skippers.

Experience Builds Confidence!


Please give us a call today to have a chat about your requirements !
Trysail uses a mixture of modern and classic yachts so clients can be assured of gaining as much experience as possible.

(There are also training grants available to some clients, worth up to 20%!   Please call to check if your eligible)



Oran - April-May 2016

Sailing is about fun , it's a lifestyle , and I want to tell you about the past 4 weeks I've had with Trysail Falmouth .

I needed to get my YachtMaster Costal as soon as possible , I talked to a lot of different schools all around the globe , And in the end I chose Try Sail Falmouth .

From the first mail to the last beer in Falmouth , Andy and Freyja were amazing , welcoming and gave me every piece of information I needed to do this , I've never seen such care and devotion to customers like I received from Andy and Freyja , they made me feel like a family member and made this whole thing a lot easier  and more fun .

I did a 4-week Yacht Master Fast Track starting with day skipper -> Yacht Master theory -> mile building (Costal Skipper) -> Yachtmaster prep and exam . 

In each week I've had a different instructor unique and knowledgeable in its own way  , and a different approach to sailing and the lifestyle of it , but all of them had one thing in command which is amazing cooking skills , I already miss the food on the boat, the beers, and stories after a long day of sailing . 

I crossed the English channel , sailed in a force 8 , seen what happens when you don't calculate tide height correctly , and even got to have an engine failure just as you step into a port , I've learnt so much in these 4 intense weeks , and had the best time ever . 

I also discovered an amazing place which is Falmouth and basically all the south shore of England , for me, it was a new view of green mountains and spectacular rivers .

So if you want to escape for one week of sailing , learning from the best , eating amazing meals , exploring the beautiful places of south England , and to meet amazing people , believe me, Try Sail is the place you want , be a member of the family :) .

Cheers , Oran .


Harry -

File 570I have heard many thoughts on intensive courses, some rubbishing and some praising the schemes. I can only testify for the latter camp, I heard reasons for both as you always would to form an opinion. One camp saying there’s ‘No way you gain the experience in such a short time’ and the other that allows for the fact you’ve picked up 100 mooring buoys a week and are reefing sails in your sleep (literally!) The key to all of it was finding the right school. I looked through all the usual Google candidates for someone who looked professional but offered a slightly more personal touch than the likes of the bigger schools.  

Trysail was right for me on three points: Location, Falmouth is one of the country’s most accessible ports there is an abundance of places to sail to and round the bay in Mylor is a fantastic, safe training area. Price (The main thing any of us look at) but essentially that initial ‘hello.’ From the start I was given the confidence to achieve because I knew that the guys at the school were in it for me and personally interested in my progress, something I sensed was rare was a greater interest in myself than the company. I think they know how the company will speak for itself with good service behind it and maybe I’m the personification of that.

In total I spent 10 weeks with Trysail. From the 8th March, my course started with the STCW95’s and then progressed on from there until D day on the 13th of May with my yachtmaster exam and I am proud to say that I passed all and trust me when this happens the money is not considered anything but worth it! 

On a final personal note this was not easy! I had all the help I could of asked for but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to be a. Organised and b. Willing to learn and 110% focused it just won’t happen otherwise but if you can bring that to the table trysail will serve up more than you can hope for. I could write for hours on all the things that happened and the stories but trust me it’s better to call trysail and create your own than listen to mine. I arrived having never seen a boat and left a yachtmaster with many close friends and I can’t think of a better testimony than that. 

Better a bad day on the water than a good day in the office! 





Shiny New Trysail Van 2014
Jay and the crew - August 2014
Bass Point
Louise at anchor in the Helford
Louise berthed in Falmouth Yachthaven
Swan and Cygnets at the Yachthaven Falmouth
RYA Start Yachting Weekend with Ben Instructing
RYA Day Skipper/Comp Crew with Jay Instructing
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2018 Course Dates:


Both Theory and Practical Elements combined
 -Live aboard for 1o days-

21st Sept - 1st October

Other dates available on request..

RYA Start Yachting

All 2018 Weekends 

Dates available on request..

RYA Competent Crew 

10th June
8th July
29th July
5th Aug
19th Aug
9th Sept

2018 Every Sunday from 18th Feb
Other dates available on request..

Online - RYA Day Skipper Theroy

365 days per year!
£295 per course or £490 combined

(5% DISCOUNT when booked with ANY practical course)

RYA Day Skipper

10th June
8th July
29th July
5th Aug
19th Aug
9th Sept

2018 Every Sunday from 18th Feb
Other dates available on request..

Online RYA YM Shorebased Theory

5% DISCOUNT when booked with any practical course

RYA Coastal Skipper

15th June (7 days) - 2 places

Other dates available on request..

Yacht Master Prep / Exam

Available on Request

More dates and BESPOKE bookings can be added on request!
Just give us a call to discuss options on 01326 212320 or email info@trysail.net